Early Messages

June 15, 2016

These are two questions I posed to Daniel early in our experience together. In meditation after asking I received the following answers:

  1. Is there a system of duality in the universe? Is there evil present in the universe?The answer to this question is not as difficult as one might think. There is no reason for you to become bogged down in great philosophical discussions debating the presence of evil in the universe.  We say most emphatically, there is no evil as you understand it in the universe.  Your systems of religion, created by man, has fostered the idea of good versus evil.  This is not of divine mind.  This myth was created by man and used by the powers in control to keep humankind in control. Listening to the stories of hell one would have no choice but to fall in line with the dogma of the church.  No one would want to expose themselves to the wrath of the devil and spend eternity in hell.  The argument that in order to know good there must be evil is illogical.  It is a silly as the argument that says you cannot have dark without light.  Of course you can and do.  These two are distinct and separate, not reliant on one to prove the existence of the other.  They both simply are.

Sin.  A missing of the mark by your dictionary defined.  And what is the mark?  The mark is to live a human life expressing the Christ consciousness.   The human driven by ego will miss the mark. This is part of the process, part of the experience each one agreed to before beginning life on your planet.  It is expected.  This is not to say that missing the mark or sinning, if you prefer, is excused.  In the eye of the Creator you are perfect.  In your own eye you are flawed.  The punishment for sin is not eternity in hell, it is not something done to you, it is what you do to yourself. Separate from source you are lost. Man chooses to separate himself and misses the mark. This missing of the mark at times causes great suffering.  We are greatly saddened by this.  Know that as your world changes and more of you seek and attain a higher level of consciousness this separation that exists will wither and die. There is no presence of evil influencing mankind. No god condemning man to burn. There is only good in the universe.

“Messages from Daniel, the unexpected channel”


Jeffrey L. Miller


The Unexpected Channel.  That’s right.  For me at least, this experience was not anything I was seeking or necessarily even believed in.  As a professional mental health clinician I tended to stay within the confines of psychological and medical boundaries.  This journey has certainly taken me outside of the boundaries of what most citizens of this world consider believable and rational.  Recently I mentioned to a new friend that I have an interest in and actually study paranormal activity.  The new friend looked at me quizzically, you know, tilted her head, looked at me and said, “I consider myself to be open-minded but what you are sharing with me is way beyond rational belief”.  I am so happy I didn’t mention that I was a channel for a spiritual being from a higher dimension. That may have caused her a physical and mental collapse.

My messages from Daniel began a little over a year ago.  Fortunately I have a partner who told me that I wasn’t crazy.  I frankly would not be in the place I am in today without her.  She is an intrepid intuitive, a kind and empathetic healer, a visionary artist, and my best friend.  The door opened for me when Cecelia performed a Metatron healing.  Soon after that healing I began to experience an increase in my psychic abilities and my confidence in this grew as well.  I am also an avid paranormal investigator and I began to feel and sometimes see through the third eye, spirit.

Daniel communicated with me the first time during meditation.  When I completed the session I was overwhelmed with the desire to write down the message I heard while in meditation.  When I called Cecelia to tell her what had happened she said, “go with it”. This works much like automatic writing except that I do not transcribe the message while I am hearing it and no other controls my hand during the writing.  Initially I thought, “how am I going to remember this”, but I have become pretty good at remembering.  I may add punctuation, correct spelling, and such but the message I receive is purely put on paper.

The second phase of my relationship with Daniel began with encouragement from Cecelia.  She encouraged me to try trance meditation with Daniel as suggested by him.  I did not immediately jump on this as it was a frightening prospect.  Eventually I became willing and now regularly trance channel as well as receive messages during meditation.

As the blog evolves I will share the messages I have received in the past including the recent ones in which Daniel provides a lesson that is an important one for us in our current incarnation.  I am merely what I say, a channel for messages from a higher level being who has nothing but love and caring inherent in the messages we receive. Nothing more and nothing less. Please feel free to share your experiences with channeling, spirit guides, or messages you receive from spirit. As I am fond of saying, “todays normal is yesterdays weird” so feel free to share even if you think it’s weird.   All I ask is that all participants be treated with respect, kindness, and love on this blog.  There is to be absolutely no judgement and as best as possible for us humans  keep ego out of the discussion. These are simple requests and in keeping with behaviors that raise our vibration and move us ever closer to ascension to a new Earth.

As Daniel always ends his messages, “That is All For Now”.